Flight from Fallston: A 0-Level Adventure – Dungeon Masters Guild

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I think the last time I really played Dungeons & Dragons was back in 1995. At least seriously played. That is until my youngest turned 12.  Since then, we My two kids and I) have had a few 8 hour days into playing.

This has led me to want to start a bigger group that we could start playing with on a regular basis. So, luckily for us, there is a local Hobby Shop is a pretty popular hangout for players.

Now, because I am JUST getting back into the game, I decided to start a group nice and slow and also rely on someone else’s creative.

I love writing and creating my own adventures, but with a more than full time job and life… its hard to find the time to do everything I want to do!

Flight from Fallston is the first time I have downloaded an online module.  I am REALLY happy with the product.  Its a super simple story but its a great launching point for a variety of future campaigns.  I am going to a tiny bit of tweaking but am super happy with this purchase (Super Inexpensive).


Flight from Fallston

Flight from Fallston: A 0-Level Adventure

A 0 Level Adventure.

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