Is Spider-Man Cooler than Batman & Superman’s Cape

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Is Spider-Man Cooler than Batman & Superman’s Cape

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Going off of my above video, Spider-Man is in my humble estimation a superior hero to the Batman, A.K.A. Dark Knight for a few reasons.  Now, one caveat here… I haven’t read much in the past few years… getting back into the Comics game… 

Personal Preference. I am a sarcastic guy and I totally get Spiderman’s sense of Humor.

More relatable character growth. Peter Parker is a youth taunted by his peers and lives in a home where his aunt is struggling to pay rent.  This applies to a lot more people that to Bruce Wayne, a multi-billionaire whose parents were shot in an alleyway.

Power Levels. Batman may win out here in a way. He had to kick ass to really learn and build up all his powers whereas, Peter Parker just happened to get bit by a spider.  This is also something that makes Peter Parker’s early character as fascinating as he is thrown into this role and must adapt to it.

Costume. Spiderman totally wins out here.  ESPECIALLY if we are talking his black costume.   

The Universe. Let’s just all admit that Marvel has the better universe 🙂

As for the cape thing… I am just not a fan of impractical capes on Super Heroes… also not a fan of High Heels on Super Heroes.


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