Spider-Man Far From Home Rant *Spoilers* – STARK Tech Suit Problems – Tom Holland as Peter Parker

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Up front, I really like this movie, and I really, really like Tom Holland as a young Peter Parker. Spider-Man Far From Home had a lesser villain that dominated the screen and became my second favorite Spider-Man villain in cinema.

With all that said, I am not a huge fan of what they have done to Spider-Man and I am not sure where they are taking this character.

I feel like they are capitalizing off of Tom Hollands popularity and likability and building the MCU story around him as a money maker rather than writing stories that make sense at the level of the characters.

Let’s dig into Spider-Man Far From Home…

I will talk about things I like and things I don’t like during this review.  I am not doing a scene by scene but am going to categorize this post a little differently…

Spider-Man’s Suit Makes No Sense.

This has been a big deal to me with the modern Spider-Man. Having a Stark Tech Spider-Man suit is very problematic. Given that Tony Stark can basically invent anything in the world, basically, anyone can don a Stark Spider suit and be Spider-Man.

This was fixed a bit during this movie, but we will talk a bit about that later.


In this movie, Peter Parker is on his way to London and is going through a huge array of Spider-Man suites Tony Stark had apparently designed for Peter Parker.  That in itself is interesting and shows a bit of an obsession on Stark’s part with the boy/hero.

Peter Parker goes through and pulls bits and pieces from each suit apparently building this amazing, custom suit specifically designed to fit this upcoming encounter…

Which, basically gave us a bit of an updated traditional Spider-Man suit.  I actually really liked the suit. Fabric, not steel, looked cool… did nothing.  So, that sequence on the screen was specifically designed to position Peter Parker as the new Tony Stark.

While I was really afraid at the beginning Spider-Man was going to be swinging around in a metal suit, I was happy he didn’t.  Although, a metal suit would have protected him better with a bullet train impact.

Shit, I almost forgot the Night Monkey suit.  Ok, I mentioned it. Nothing else to say.

Tom Holland Acts an Amazing Peter Parker

Tom Holland is my favorite Peter Parker.  I wish they wrote him as a better Peter Parker.  At this point, its cliche to bring up Spider-Man 2, but it still holds true that Peter Parker was written so well in Spider-Man 2. He was a man of constant sorrow because he refused to leave the hero role, until he did but his true inner hero would not let him leave and forced him back.

I would love to see THAT Peter Parker today.  We get a Peter Parker who has the personality we want, but who has no real personal struggles. I tried a little with, “Filling the Shoes of Iron Man” and. “I want to kiss MJ.” but pretty much failed in making them at all a real personal struggle.

Peter Parker will eventually have to grow up.  Again, I love Tom Hollan as a Peter Parker, but I think he is going to look 16 for the rest of his life.  This may make it difficult to ever give him the presence of Tony Stark and the position of leader of the Avengers.  Not to mention, Spider-Man is more of a soloist… which bring us to the next section.

Where is Spider-Man Going?

I loved and then hated the end sequence.  Seeing JJ Jameson again was amazing and I cheered. Seeing Spider-Man getting a PR adversary was awesome and something that would put interesting pressure on Peter Parker.

Then they revealed his identity? WHAT!?  I went from, “This is awesome!!” to, “WTAF??”

This move will remove any future balancing act between the life of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. There is just…  AARRRGGGHHHHH… I can’t write any more about this.  I need a safe space.

Mysterio was pretty awesome.

First, Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome. Mysterio, I was excited to see on screen. As a bit of a lesser Spider-Man Hero, I always liked him and thought he would adapt really well to the big screen. Which, he did. 

How he eagerly adopted the Mysterio name was great and just fit his personality in the film.  

What made a little less sense was his cat and mouse game with Peter Parker.  While he seemingly didn’t WANT to kill Peter Parker, he sure did like toying and tormenting with him.  So there was a bit of a mismatch between that and his sinister side.  He didn’t feel torn enough I suppose.

All and all, I loved this villain.

We finally get to know MJ

Complain about the race bending all you want. I really like the new MJ, although, they should have just called her something else.  She is so different from the Comic MJ that you may as well just all together scrap MJ and make a new character.

“This isn’t the comic MJ, it is a new character.”, you say?  Then name her something different.

All that said, I like her.  I like her kind of dark side and how the relationship between her and Peter Parker is developing.  We actually get to know her a bit more in this movie.

I was a bit afraid they would go all SJW with her, but she is a pretty normal kid with pretty normal kid reactions. It will be interesting seeing how MJ and Peter Parker progress in future movies.

Spider-Man Far From Home is WOKE!

I mean… not really. Sure, there is a diverse cast. That being said, you are never beaten over the head with it. There are no cheesy lines touting woman power or anything cringe-worthy.

If all WOKE entertainment was woke like Spider-Man Far From Home, there would be a lot less complaining about SJW’s invading our stories.

While I totally agree SJW nonsense completely tarnishes potentially good movies (or ruins) – Captain Marvel… Let’s not go over-board whining about every movie that has a diverse cast with strong actors.


I really liked Spider-Man Far From Home

While I have been picking on the movie, it was all and all really good. Don’t go into this movie thinking it’s your traditional Spider-Man and Peter Parker (You should know it isn’t at this point). It’s still a very fun movie with laughs, action, and well, not a ton of emotion, but everything else.

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