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Building this site out. It is a bit sparce right now, but honestly we are not a huge company with a lot of resources.  We are a couple of geeks… so…

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RocketBook Everlast Review. Yes, it’s Positive.

I love my Rocketbook Everlast notebook. This allows me to take handwritten notes, which I prefer to do over typing and send my notes electronically to my preferred channels: Slack, Evernote, and Email.

Nick Hayes: Wizards Wanted

Wizards Wanted is a game of fantasy and strategy for 2-4 players, age 10 and up. Become the most famous wizard in the kingdom by performing spells in the villages, claiming royal seals at the palace, and gathering pixie charms at teleportation stations.

Spider-Man Far From Home – Top 5 YouTube Reviews


Spider-Man Far From Home Rant *Spoilers* – STARK Tech Suit Problems – Tom Holland as Peter Parker

Up front, I really like this movie, and I really, really like Tom Holland as a young Peter Parker. Spider-Man Far From Home had a lesser villain that dominated the screen and became my second favorite Spider-Man villain in cinema. With all that said, I am not a huge...

Crank Thunderthighs. The wanderings of an Orc’s Adventures in Chaos.

How it all began.Crank Thunderthighs sat around the campfire observing his menagerie of companions. What a crew he fell in with. There could not be a more hodgepodge group of beings thrown together on all of Halubek. Crank himself, being an unusual specimen of his...

X-Men Epic History – Three Volumes – Comic Book Girl 19

If you are looking for a full out documentary on the X-Men, this is it. Extremely well done.

How to Play CATAN – CATAN FAQ’s & Strategy

CATAN is a great game of strategy and bartering.  If you are looking for a fairly quick game to play with a small group of people, it doesn't get much better than CATAN. To help you get started, we put together a little CATAN FAQ to answer common questions! 3-4...

Top 5 YouTube Reviews for Us

Us Movie Reviews – This 2019 Horror/Thriller was pretty amazing. If you have yet to see it, take a look. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you pondering the end.

Flight from Fallston: A 0-Level Adventure – Dungeon Masters Guild

Getting back into Role Playing now that my kids are old enough to start. Its tough to find time to prep adventures so I decided to download this module.

Wonder Woman Top 5 YouTube Reviews

Five great YouTube reviews for the 2017 Wonder Woman Movie. A crowning achievement for the DC Universe.